the end of a chapter

the end of a chapter

Dear Hong Kong,

About 3 months ago, I left you, my home of 4 years, a place I’ve loved and a life I’ve truly built from the ground up.

I still remember when I arrived back in 2018. It was around this time . I was excited after winning a visa battle that went on for months. I was so so so ready for this chapter to start my ‘real-life’ post-graduation. I also knew exactly 1 person in the city outside of work and even took the job without meeting anyone in person.

It was not a perfect or logical decision, so many things could have gone so wrong with this move, but I trusted and chased a strong desire that tells me to go.

And man, I am so happy I did. 

I said I will try HK for one year and go back to the States to resume life there. 

Before I knew it, one year turned to two, then three, and then some more. 

In the almost four years I spent with you, I had 2 jobs, 1 career pivot, 3 apartments, and 1 relationship. I met so many wonderful people I’ve been lucky enough to share my life and make memories with.

I grew an attachment to specific cafes, parks, street corners, and laundry shops (I’ll always regret not saying goodbye to the kind laundry man). I started this blog and tried many new things while I was there (see older post when embroidery was my life lol). 

But, it is also in the city where I experienced many heartbreaks, my first burnout, my first but long overdue therapy, many nights of self-doubts, homesickness, and feeling so stuck thanks to the pandemic.

It wasn’t an easy life, but I pride myself on having a life that is truly my own.

Being in HK was a choice that is completely mine, everything that happened was my own doing, and I think that’s why I loved it so much – even back when my apartment was nothing but a square box. 

So, leaving you was… difficult, to say the least. 

I think I was wrapped up around the thought of home that I went straight into to-do mode to have everything done before I leave. Plus with Covid being at its worst, there were no big farewells to wrap up my time there nicely. Somehow, that made leaving feel less real. 

And I think, it didn’t really hit me until months after I’ve already gone how much I gave up when I left. My friendships and lifestyle were all there, so I will admit, sometimes I think about what ifs.

But in the meantime, it’s time to commit to this new path I’ve chosen. One that I think can also be good for me.

So Hong Kong, happy anniversary. I miss you.


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