you get a freebie, you get a freebie and you get a freebie!

Who else likes free stuff? We’re channeling our “Costco Sunday Sampling” mood and want to share some tools we had made and used in the past — hopefully these will help you out with your own journey.

job tracker / internship tracker template

Once you get into the heat of it, the entire job/internship hunt process can get overwhelming real fast. A tool like this is vital in driving your application process, especially when you’re juggling so many at once. Here is a tracker we made on Google Sheets (aka spreadsheet) to easily note and track the roles you’re applying to, whether it’s for an internship or a full time job. Take a look at this spreadsheet we use for ideas on what your tracker should ideally include. This is meant to be a basic version that you can easily build off of and customize based on what meshes with your application workflow.

want more? goodies to come!

We’re planning to add more resources here! Check back later for more of that good stuff.

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