FALL FAVORITES: Books, Food, Music, and More!

FALL FAVORITES: Books, Food, Music, and More!

Hi friends!

How are you doing these days? How’s school, work, life? 

I’ve actually been sick and feeling very bleh but I thought it’d make me feel better to look back to recap some of my recent memories, and write about them here for my future self. It’s crazy to me how we’re now in December, less than a month away to wrapping up this insane year that is 2020. 

Before I do my full on reflection and have another mini crisis over time flying by, let’s talk about some of the things and people that had brightened my days ~


I stand by my past statement that Kindle is truly the best purchase I made in 2020. Thanks to this purchase, I now read before bed (actually have a whole set up for it) and am reading far more than I ever was. Out of everything that I tried, these three books left the most impression in me

The Vanishing Half

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett: 9780525536291 | PenguinRandomHouse.com:  Books

Thanks to Anna’s recommendation, I picked up this book and finished it just within days. It’s a fictional story about these twins who are Black but light-skinned and the life path they choose to take after an incident. I can’t say more without spoiling the fun, but I loved how this story had multiple narratives, and how it touches so many important subjects like race, sexuality, family, and more. Every character played a role in the story, and I was hooked the whole time. I loved the journey so much that I was deliberately slowing down towards the end, wanting to cherish every bit of it, haha.

The Giver

The Giver (The Giver, #1) by Lois Lowry

Alright, I know most of you probably had to read this back in school but I JUST did recently and man, I LOVED this book. I don’t know if I would’ve loved it as much if it were to be a school assignment (just like how it ruined Gatsby, Crying of Lot 49, etc), but I genuinely had a great time smashing through this book.

It’s a dystopian story about this world where everything is optimized and standardized, and your life journey is determined on the path that you are designed to follow, supposedly depending on your character. This kind of premise is not typically my thing BUT it was so well done that it left me pondering and feeling ??? by the end. LOVED it.

How to Talk to Anyone

Amazon.com: How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in  Relationships eBook: Lowndes, Leil: Kindle Store

Someone pointed out my body language recently and it made me:

1) very conscious but also 2) intrigued to learn how to upgrade myself to appear (more) professional and legit.

SO it was fitting that this book showed up in my radar. I like how easily digestible the tips in this book are, and it feels like I am gaining secret insider knowledge on each part. It’s definitely made me more alert of what I’m doing (or other people are doing) in social settings, but I kind of like that. It’s practical and fun, so I’d recommend this read to everyone!

Other books I enjoyed

After I Do (from Evelyn Hugo’s author), No Exit (logic is faulty but kind of fun), Final Girls (kind of interesting thriller!), Queen’s Gambit (read after finished the show), Cracking the PM Interview (for insights on PM as a career).


Some jams I’ve been enjoying lately:

Warm on Christmas Night – Honne

Right Where You Should Be – Quinn XCII

Mystery Lady – Masego

Naturale  – GMC & Rini

Lemonade – Internet Money

Food in HK

La Camionetta

You know I haven’t been writing here for so long because I’ve yet to mention this spot UNTIL NOW. Over the summer I found this gem of a pizza shop, and now I crave it on the weekly. I was never a pizza fan but their burrata pizza is TO DIE FOR. Just look at that burrata…. 10/10

Potato Head

For when I crave for Indonesian food, an expensive one, but still. The setup of this place is so fun with many themed rooms (and apparently secret music room). Always a good time on every visit!

K-town Chicken Pot

SUCH good chicken that ends with hotpot, what’s not to like? Super affordable and a really fun way to end a group day out.

Shady Acres

Good vibe, good food, and good price ($40 food in Central?? Makes no sense) PLUS great service. Oh and they have board games! Very high up there on return possibility, except they’re often full of people 


And lastly, enjoy these photos of some of my favorite days spent with my favorite people this Fall :’)


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